The Vampire Diaries

It would sometimes seem strange that  a person from the UK writing something so simple as a Blog about something from the US, would have to show some kind of large canvas of truth of what they’re actually writing about. Well, the proof really isn’t relevant, because all the proof that I need is here in the Blog before you all.

As we have seen through the past three seasons of “The Vampire Diaries” (The Chronicles of Stefan Salvatore), the main characters have remained fixed to the point in time where they are supposed to be – Mystic Falls – where life really is in the pudding and the good old days are but gone. Yes, the town have their weekly annual festivities, and there never seems to be a shortage of those get together group bonding moments here in a small town in the middle of the USA. But what really does make ‘Mystic Falls’ tick, when the corpses are most definitely enjoying this bummer of a ride?

Damon Salvatore

On the left, we have Damon Salvatore: Initially, Damon is the main antagonist of the series. As episodes went on, Damon begins working alongside his brother, Stefan Salvatore and girlfriend Elena Gilbert to resist greater threats. Gradually, Elena begins to consider him a friend. Damon Salvatore is a vampire, turned by Katherine Pierce 145 years prior to the series’ debut. He is the son of late Giuseppe Salvatore and the older brother of Stefan Salvatore. He’s portrayed as a charming, handsome and snarky being who loves tricking humans and taking pleasure in feeding on them and killing them as a result during the beginning few episodes of the first season.

So, Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore, who happens to be a very good friend on our Twitter) places himself at the mercy of his love for a certain girl, week in, week out. So how much of this is driving him insane? Will he ever break the chains of love’s rule itself? Will he ever shake off the ghost of Katherine…or indeed Elena? I can say this for all those “Vampire Diaries Fans” out there, and that is, when season 4 begins, you better be watching this great piece of cinematography. Damon it would seem has a blast from the past and the future looks a little more brighter without the dark cloud that comes to pass over once more.

On the right, however, we have the Salvatore that started it all off with those ‘Diaries’ of his: The Chronicles of Stefan Salvatore. Speaking through his memoirs of a 145 year old Vampire’s life, love, heartbreak, darkness and light years of being a real Century walking “Jekyll and Hyde” – Or as Klaus prefers to call him “Ripper”. For Elena, however, Stefan is the mild mannered, handsome protector of her heart against someone who is after more than just passing through ‘Mystic Falls’ to say hello – Katherine.

But, what do we really know about Stefan Salvatore, other than he has returned after a long trip away and now tends to the lavish family home. Also at 145 years old, Stefan ‘s tactical approach to Elena comes with a price to many of those who are considered both friend and foe, especially the Vampire types. For his love that burns so deep towards a mortal, the adding everyday tribulations are gathering, storing and must finally find a point of venting.

Considered the strongest in mind between him and Damon, he is (or at least for a little while) the weakest in physical strength compared to Damon’s carelessness of human’s. This difference between the two young Salvatore men bring’s Elena closer to Stefan, while the young daughter to a ‘Mystic Falls’ original family of Vampire Hunters, sees goodness in both of them. Torn between love and the need to protect the family from the oncoming onslaught, the initial circle of friends; Bonnie the Witch, Tye the Werewolf, Caroline Forbes a friend made vampire, Stefan and Damon bring them all together to battle the dark forces which may certainly destroy ‘Mystic Falls’.

Through this Blog we will look at various angles on “The Vampire diaries”, or more precisely, we are going to look at it from a ‘Fans’ POV (Point of View). Delving into the entire 3 Seasons so far, while introducing the character’s who have made this Series Phenomenon possible. With exclusive content, including Photo’s, Interviews, Character Profiles and much more…Welcome to Mystic Falls Diaries.

© Mystic Falls Productions 2012


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