Damon Salvatore

Ian Somerhalder (aka Damon Salvatore)

Damon Salvatore is a fictional character on the CW television series The Vampire Diaries, played by Ian Somerhalder.

Initially, Damon is the main antagonist of the series. As episodes went on, Damon begins working alongside his brother, Stefan Salvatore and girlfriend Elena Gilbert to resist greater threats. Gradually, Elena begins to consider him a friend.

Damon Salvatore is a vampire, turned by Katherine Pierce 145 years prior to the series’ debut. He is the son of late Giuseppe Salvatore and the older brother of Stefan Salvatore. He’s portrayed as a charming, handsome and snarky being who loves tricking humans and taking pleasure in feeding on them and killing them as a result during the beginning few episodes of the first season.

Through the past three years of “The Vampire Diaries”

Season 1:

At the start of the season, his personality is pretty much the polar opposite of his brother, as he comes across as quite arrogant at times. He is said to possess sociopathic tendencies, being absolutely charming one minute and extremely dangerous the next, showing no remorse for the killings he has committed. He enjoys toying with people and causing grief to those around him, most of all Stefan and unlike his brother, he is very, very powerful and usually gets what he wants. It’s possible that he learned to behave this way from Katherine.

However, as the episodes play out we see that what Damon is really longing for is acceptance, which is something he never really saw during his years as a human. Having been on his own for the past 145 years, he has become very isolated and lonely, using a dark sense of humour to compensate for this. After he threatens to turn Elena in ‘Children of the Damned’, he refers to her as ‘our girlfriend’ in front of Stefan, which is a possible indication that he has some type of feelings for her.

There is further evidence of this in the episode ‘Isobel’ when he goes to visit Isobel and threatens her to stay away from Elena and Isobel later reveals to her daughter that he’s in love with her. In the season finale, ‘Founder’s Day’, Damon is captured along with Anna, Mayor Lockwood and many of the tomb vampires, due to being exposed as a vampire by Jonathan Gilbert’s device. Weakened by a Vervain injection and placed in the basement of Grayson Gilbert’s old business headquarters, he watches as John Gilbert kills Anna by staking her. After Stefan rescues him as the building is set on fire, he goes and tells Jeremy that Anna is dead and says he wanted to save her. He also apologises for what he did to Vicki, admitting that it was wrong. Jeremy tells him that Anna said that vampires can turn off their emotions, so they don’t feel pain and Damon says it’s true, telling him that life isn’t easier if someone becomes a vampire – it sucks no matter if the person is human or not, but if the person is a vampire they don’t have to feel bad about it. He admits that he did it for a very long time and life was a lot easier for him.

Later, he is leaving the Gilbert house when “Elena” returns home. He admits that he came to the town wanting to destroy it but actually found himself wanting to protect it after everything that happened at the Founder’s Day celebrations and says he’s not a hero and doesn’t do good, saying it’s not in him. It’s reserved for Stefan, Elena herself and Bonnie. Bonnie helped Stefan rescue him as Elena wanted it, which means that she decided he was worth saving and thanks her. He kisses her cheek and then they kiss passionately before Jenna opens the door. They stop suddenly and Jenna tells “Elena” to come inside, as she casts a look at Damon. Once inside, Jenna asks her niece what she’s doing and “Elena” says she doesn’t want to talk about it. Outside, Damon looks at the door and touches his lips before leaving. However, it is revealed at the end of the episode that he has actually kissed Katherine as the real Elena arrives home, telling Stefan that someone took her belongings from the school.


Season 2:

In season two, it was revealed that Katherine never loved him and that it was always Stefan. Upset and rejected, a drunken Damon goes to Elena in her room. He tells Elena he strongly believes that she loves him and then kisses her. Elena insists that she loves Stefan, and that it will always be Stefan, almost exactly what Katherine had previously told him, leaving Damon heartbroken. In an attempt to hurt Elena out of revenge and anger, he snaps her younger brother, Jeremy’s neck, resulting in Elena declaring her hatred for him. Despite this claim, she later saves his life from Bonnie, who takes her anger out on Damon after discovering his blood enabled Caroline to become a vampire. In episode 3 of season 2, Bad moon rising, Damon tells Elena the truth that he did not see Jeremy’s ring when he snapped Jeremy’s neck. This results in Elena declaring that Damon has lost her forever and their friendship cannot be mended. Damon becomes upset that she used him to get information on Katherine’s past and he says that Elena and Katherine have a lot more in common than just their looks. In episode 5, after helping Sheriff Forbes, Elena tells Damon “that was the Damon that was my friend.” In episode 6, he claimed that he was at fault for Stefan and Elena’s breakup.

After saving Elena with Stefan in episode 8 of season 2, Damon shows up in Elena’s room with the Vervain necklace that was ripped from her neck earlier in the episode. Before he gives it back, he tells Elena that he is in love with her, and because he is in love with her, he cannot be selfish with her. That he doesn’t deserve her, but that his brother does. He kisses her forehead and says he wishes she could remember this… but she can’t. As the camera shows a close up of Damon’s eye as he is compelling Elena to forget, a tear slips. Elena blinks and her Vervain necklace is back around her neck, Damon is gone and her window is open with the curtains blowing… she had no recollection as to how the necklace was returned to her. In “Katarina” Damon joins Rose to find out why the originals after Elena; after some time and clever banter the two have sex, stating that they could rid themselves of emotion.

However, when Rose dies from a werewolf bite, Damon is seen to be upset. He gives Rose a good memory of her home before he mercifully kills her. Elena and Damon begin to mend fences. When Damon is bitten by Tyler the Werewolf at the end of the season, he confuses Elena and Catherine, and bites her. In spite of this, Elena takes care of him, and right before Catherine cures him, they kiss.


Season 3:

Elena arrives at the Salvatore Boarding house in The Birthday to tell Damon that Sheriff Forbes gave them another lead, which he replies to “Another dead end?” In secret, Damon is recording all the reports of animal attacks, tracking Stefan and Klaus’ trail. Andie is able to get Damon the address of the last victim’s family member, to where Alaric and Damon travel to. As they enter the house, they find blood splatters on the furniture. Two female bodies are in a sitting position on the couch. Damon immediately recognizes that Stefan did it, by the way the bodies were ripped apart, then pieced back together. The duo find a trap door that leads to a basement where chains were kept, making them believe werewolves sometimes came there. Afterwards, Damon places all the evidence on fire. Damon returns Elena’s necklace to her much to her delight. As Elena is dressing for her birthday party, Damon arrives and gives her lost necklace, saying Alaric found it in his apartment. He accompanies her downstairs, where they find a huge party going on. Appearing to be worried about Andie’s whereabouts and her being late for the party, he travels to her workplace, finding Stefan there. Stefan compelled Andie to stand on top of a rig and stay there until he commands – when he told her it was alright to move, she fell towards the ground. Stefan attacked Damon and kept him against the wall, keeping him from saving her. It was his message to Damon, telling him to let him go. When he gets back to the house, Elena confronts him about all the leads he was gathering, and he tells her to stop looking for Stefan, because he’s “gone”.

Elena is still headstrong on bringing Stefan back in The Hybrid, determination fuelled as she believed he called her. Damon still doesn’t want to help her, and burns the papers containing the data he’s been collecting. After Elena roped in the help of Alaric and headed off the mountains in search of Stefan, Alaric secretly contacts Damon and tells them where they are, as he doesn’t want Elena there without being protected. Damon pushes her into the lake, telling her she should go home, but Elena convinces him otherwise. They find Ray Sutton and bind him to a tree; unfortunately, being a hybrid, Ray starts to transform and they flee – Damon leads a rabid Ray away, where Stefan saves him. Damon appears to Elena in her room, telling her that he will help her bring Stefan back, because even in his darkest place, he still wouldn’t let him (Damon) die.


Friends & Family of Damon:

Stefan Salvatore

Damon doesn’t have a great relationship with his younger brother Stefan, this being due to Katherine causing a rift between them which would last over a century. However lately, Damon is showing that he actually does care about Stefan and will be there for him when it really matters (saving him from being tortured, trying to help him with his human blood addiction). They also worked together to kill Katherine. However, at the end of Blood Brothers, Damon says that he still hates Stefan, not because he forced him to turn into a vampire, but because Katherine wanted Stefan to be with her too, and he wanted her all to himself. However he still talks and makes dark jokes around Stefan. Damon is also jealous that both Elena and Katherine prefer Stefan to him. It seems that lately the two brothers have come to an understanding though. In Rose (episode) Stefan apologized for forcing Damon to turn when he didn’t want to and Damon later tells Elena that although he loves her, Stefan is the one that deserves her. When Stefan became trapped in the tomb, Damon promised to find a way to get him out but Stefan made him promise to keep Elena safe, which Damon kept. Katherine taunted Stefan that Damon wouldn’t be rushing to get him out, as he had Elena all to himself though Damon didn’t make any moves on Elena, showing his loyalty to Stefan. They seem to be acting as brothers again for a long time. In The Dinner Party, Stefan shows some hurt towards Damon once again, for killing Lexi. They seemed to be fine until at the end of The Last Dance Stefan confronts Damon about not telling him about Bonnie, to which Damon replies that Stefan doesn’t have the strength to do what needs to be done. And that Stefan would be the one worry about people’s feelings and collateral damage and cleaning up the mess while he would be the bad guy to do what has to be done, even if people hate him for it. As he starts to go up the stairs, he stops and adds, “But in the end, I’ll be the one to keep her alive.” He then heads up the stairs leaving Stefan hurt and fuming. He told Stefan that he should be happy that Andie is there to distract him from Elena. Then Stefan taunts Damon, saying that he can love her all he wants, but Stefan has the one thing Damon will never have: Her respect. Enraged, Damon punches his brother and sends him flying into a bookcase. They start to fight until Elena and Elijah interrupt.

Even though Damon & Stefan still have a rocky relationship, it is shown in ‘As I Lay Dying’ that Stefan would give up his own life for Damon to survive the werewolf bite he received in ‘The Last Day.’

Damon and Stefan are shown in every episode that even though they say that they hate each other they have an unbreakable bond and that they will give up anything for each other


Katherine Pierce

He was in love with Katherine and completely ready to become a vampire and be with her forever when Katherine was discovered. She was caught when she tried to bite Stefan. After a little while, she realized something odd in Stefan’s blood, it turning out to be, Vervain, which was deadly to vampires. Since Stefan and Damon both drank Katherine’s blood, when they were shot trying to save her, they turned into vampires. It turns out that Stefan’s father had fed Stefan Vervain, because he suspected Katherine. Damon thought that she was trapped in the tomb with the other vampires, and hates his brother for revealing her existence to their father. But when Grams and Bonnie open the tomb, Damon discovers Katherine is not in there. Pearl then tells him Katherine put the guard under her spell and he let her go right before the church was burned down with all the vampires in it. Anna said she last saw her in Chicago in 1983 and said Katherine knew where Damon was but that she didn’t care, making Damon realize he was just one of her pawns and she had no real feelings for him and he wasted 145 years of his life on her. He’s heartbroken, and his grief makes him go a little insane for a few episodes. When Katherine comes back, Damon tells her he’s willing to forget everything she did to him if Katherine just tells him she’s in love with him. However, Katherine says she doesn’t love him, she only loves Stefan. Damon grows to hate her, and helps Stefan, Caroline, Bonnie, and Jeremy kill Katherine. He even calls her an “evil slut vampire that only loves herself.” After Katherine is taken out by Lucy, Stefan and Damon trap her in the tomb. She begs Damon to let her out, saying she’ll do anything but he refuses and locks away the woman he once loved so deeply. As I Lay Dying, Katherine admits to Elena and Damon that she loves both Stefan and Damon.


Elena Gilbert


Damon and Elena have a tense but powerful relationship with each other.

He has fallen in love with Elena but she is in love with Damon’s brother, Stefan, meaning he can never truly have her, and thus this creates the love triangle. Damon and Elena view each other as best friends. Damon openly admits to his love and passion for Elena, before compelling her to forget it. Elena, on the other hand, has not shown any romantic interests in Damon. However it is inevitable because the main theme of the series, as well as the books, is the love triangle.

After he snapped her brother’s neck, Elena began to hate him and in Bad Moon Rising claimed that he’d lost her friendship forever. However, after he helped rescue her in Rose she began to be nicer to him.

In The Sacrifice Elena went on a suicide mission to save the ones she cared about. But her plan was foiled when Damon showed up and tried to force her to leave. When she refused, he attempted to make her and she threw a punch at him, which he caught. There a very heated moment there and they continued to argue throughout the episode, Damon threatening to break her arm and Elena blaming him for Stefan being stuck in the tomb. She maintained a very huffy attitude toward him in the next episode and even threw a pillow at him when he teased her. But by The Descent she starting befriending him again, even hugging him when Rose died. From then on they have continued being friends, even though their relationship often seems to alter a lot. In The Last Dance, Damon dances with Elena and does his best to lighten her mood. In order to fool Klaus, he arranges a plan with Bonnie that makes it seem as though she is dead. When he arrives back at his house, which is now been put in Elena’s name, Elena, who is angry and in shock over Bonnie’s supposed death, yells at Damon and asks him if he knew she would die. When he admits he did, yells in anger and slaps full-handed and extremely hard across the face. Damon orders her to listen to him and calm down while he reveals that Bonnie is not dead. When she realized it, she looks immediately sorry, but Damon leaves. She later meets him in his bedroom and apologizes for hitting him and tells him that she realized why he didn’t tell her and that she understood and forgave him. She informed him that she would not let Bonnie die and Damon seems to accept that, but then he tells her that if he had to choose between her and the witch again, he would gladly let Bonnie die. He says, “I will always choose you.” Elena doesn’t seem to know what to make of this, so she retreats and tells him goodnight to which he replies, “Goodnight, Elena.” She leaves.

Even though she is dating Damon’s brother, Stefan, she still very much cares for Damon and is very close to him. This is until he forces her to drink his blood, so after the sacrifice she would become a vampire. This caused a lot of upset for Elena as she never wanted to be a vampire, however, due to John Gilbert she was able to come back as a normal human.

Damon realizes after a small talk with Elijah that what he had done was wrong. He tries to postpone the sacrifice so that the vampire blood will pass out of Elena’s system and buying her another month before the sacrifice. His plan failed as Klaus has predicted his move and had a back-up plan. This also led Damon to getting bitten by werewolf Tyler Lockwood which doomed him to a slow and painful death.

After the sacrifice, Damon asks Stefan not to tell Elena about the werewolf bite as she had already suffered enough with the deaths of her aunt Jenna and her father. He then tries to commit suicide after trying to apologize to Elena who refused him. Stefan saves him and tells him that he’ll find a cure. Due to the effects of the bite, Damon starts to have flashbacks to his past with Katherine and, after escaping the cell, he tries to find Elena but when he does, his hallucinations lead him to confuse her with Katherine and he bites her. Back at the Salvatore House, Elena comforts Damon where he finally admits that all he had done was his fault and that he had blamed Stefan unjustly. He also claims that he has no regrets since if he hadn’t done what he had done, he wouldn’t have met Elena. He then proclaims his love for her and regrets that she didn’t know him when he was human, saying that she would have liked him. She replies by saying that she liked him just the way he was. Then, she kissed him just before Katherine arrived with the cure and with the news that Stefan had paid a very heavy price to save his brother.


Alaric Saltzman

Alaric and Damon first met during Decade Dance and Alaric asks some pretty intrusive questions, which makes Damon suspicious. Damon later tries to compel him. After Damon hints that he killed his wife, Alaric tries to stake him but ends up getting killed by Damon instead. Later, Alaric was brought back to life thanks to a special ring. Alaric was asked help by Damon and Elena to help save Stefan. Since then, after finding out the truth, Alaric and Damon seem less antagonistic towards each-other; they both seem to have a lot in common when hunting down the women they love Damon-Katherine and Alaric-Isobel.

Damon and Alaric are usually seen teaming up to stop vampires like Henry, Tomb vampires, and Elijah — which Alaric saved him from using a dagger that would kill him, or even get information on someone like Jules. They are also shown to sit down and have a drink and talk about things. Alaric proclaimed later on that he was Damon friend. Alaric so far is the only one beside Elena to call Damon a friend.


Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes

Damon first met Liz when he offered her Vervain for the Founder’s Council. Liz told him of the Council and who was on it. Later, he earned her trust by killing Lexi. Little did Liz know that Damon had set Lexi up to cover himself? Liz goes to Damon when Logan Fell began his killing spree and also asked him to become a bachelor for a local fund raiser. When John Gilbert returned to town, Liz asked Damon if he could team up with John because she didn’t want him on his own.

In season 2:

After learning that Caroline had been severely injured in a car accident, Damon went to the hospital where he comforted Liz when she broke down in his arms because she was worried about Caroline, this fact had been important in Damon’s decision to heal Caroline. When Mason Lockwood told Liz that Stefan and Damon were vampires, she refused to believe it, saying that Damon was her friend. However, she later captured both of them and tortured Damon personally to get information about how he walked in the sun. Damon, barely conscious, wonders,”But you’re my friend” to which Liz replies,” Our friendship was a lie”. Later, Damon was saved by Caroline, and refused to kill Liz though he could have very easily done so, saying that they were still friends.


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